Tuesday, 13 November 2012

DIY Tag Using Security Envelope and Business Card

I have a thing for security envelope. I love the patterns and be inspired by them. One of my favorites is the black and white, tile-like pattern.
This is what I usually make, pretty isn't it? (I'm shameless and I know it, LOL) 
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upcycled tag made of security envelope and business card

It's 100% upcycled from security envelope, name card and scrap papers. 

First, I used business cards that I no longer need, best if the back is blank. Glued the printed side to the back of the security envelope using a glue stick.

upcycle project - glue business card to security envelope
Then, I trimmed the edges with a pair of scissors and moved forward to the fun part - decoration! Yay~

upcycle project - trim business card with scissors

Since Christmas is around the corner, I thought I'll just make one for the holiday. So, I grabbed a piece of paper scrap from previous projects to make a tag that says "Christmas". Stamping would be great, too, for this part.

upcycle project - christmas tag made of scrap paper

Then, I made two flower punches from scrap paper in red.

upcycle project - poinsettia flower punch made of paper scrap

Glued them together with PVA blue and give it some dimension using the embossing tool. Got pen that ran out of ink? You could use that to replace the embossing tool, too, just make sure there's really no ink at all. In addition, pen tip with 0.7 - 1.0mm works great.

upcycle project - give paper flower some dimension

Finally, I attached the small tag and paper flowers to the card. 

I like decorating them in different themes and materials - buttons, ribbons, rhinestone etc. They can be used as mini thank you note or place card. Or punch a hole at the top and tie a ribbon, there you have a pretty gift tag. Since the back is blank, I can also leave a short message =)

upcycle project - security envelope and business card

Security envelopes used in other projects =)

Eco-friendly Christmas Cards
So, next time when you've got your mail, would you look at it differently? =)


  1. You have the cutest ideas!
    Stopping in from the Etsy Success team

  2. Interesting - and there did not seem to be any problems will your illustrations when I clicked on your link.

    How do you do your blog - direct on the Blogger site, and then uploading the pics on the same wave length (if you see what I mean). Or do you upload the pics, after clicking on HTML and then uploading them.

    On www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com I have found that sometimes I lose my photographs if I don't change to HTML. Frankly, I don't understand what HTML is, but I've worked out a method of uploading my pics much better that way.

    I also draft my blog off line, copy and paste it to the Blogger site and then slot in the pics at the appropriate place(s) via HTML.

    All takes time, but one gets there in the end. It also depends on the length of my post: the longer ones are better done off line for me, because my elderly computer tends to choke if I'm on Blogger for too long1

    Good luck - and keep us posted as to how you get along. Isobel

    1. Thanks, Isobel. I'm going to try your method in the next post =)

  3. These tags are so cute!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    Following you back from http://handmadehipstercrafts.blogspot.com/

  4. This is very cute! You certainly are clever and talented! :)
    Following your from Etsy Success Forum....hello!

  5. This is really cute!
    Also following from your post in Etsy Success

    -Kelly (Your new follower)

  6. cool, when I first saw it, I thought it was an I-phone skin... But this would be a great idea for one. so clever... Glad I found you on Etsy Success.

    Sharon Orella
    SO Art Studio