Saturday, 3 November 2012

I am a Paper Addict

Hi, my name is Huey. I am a Paper Addict. It started when I was a school kid. I first collected pretty pictures on the newspaper and magazine, cut them and pasted them into my scrap books, which were made of annual report with boring financial charts and.. reports. 

Today, although I no longer cut pictures from newspapers, I'm still unable to resist beautiful images from magazine, calendars, flyers, brochures.. Any printed papers that come to my hands. The condition got worse the past few years when my collection expanded to scrapbooking pattern paper, wrapping paper, used security envelope, map, shopping bag, the list goes on.

Strange addiction, I know. What makes it worse is that it gives me joy and satisfaction seeing my collection grows everyday, even though it's cluttering up my space which is a big deal in Singapore where every inch of space worth a fortune. I actually bought 2 shelves from Ikea just to store them (>_<)"'

Used paper goods are my worst nightmare. I feel guilty to throw away ANY used security envelope, map, shopping bag, packaging... Anything at all, as long as they are clean, knowing that I can make them into something else.

Just a *tinny* tip of the iceberg.
Singaporean stamps for upcycling projects
Stamps are addictive.

typical chinese calendar with feng shui and zodiac details
Get high with Chinese Calendar.

You'll find this familiar if you stayed in Singapore.

paper box with oriental/ chinese paper cut floral design
This paper box is from Taiwan, if I'm not mistaken.

red packet, parking ticket and security envelope for repurpose projects
Security envelopes, parking tickets and Ang Pau (red envelope).
map from seoul, korea
Map used in Seoul, Korea.

Maybe I'm not strange at all, just completely insane... LOL

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