Saturday, 10 November 2012


Durian, pronounced as djʊriən, is known as "king of fruits" in Southeast Asia. It has a strong flavor and smell which most people in Southeast Asia love while others find it.. STINKS. I'm one of those "others".

durian the king of fruits
This is how the "king of fruits" looks like. It has crowns spikes all over the body.

Before I begin my Durian Attack incident, I just want to mention that I'm staying in an apartment along with 3 other housemates.

So, like any normal day, I went to the kitchen to prepare my meal. The minute I stepped into the kitchen, I smelled something familiar. I paused for a moment, panicked for 3 seconds, then quickly checked the dustbin. From my experience, dustbin is the first place to check whenever you smelled durian at home. And it's the best place you could hope for 'cause in case you find any durian seeds or shells there, you can just take out the trash bag to get rid of the smell.

Dustbin, CLEAR!

That means..

gasp kitty cat meme oh crap moment

I slowly turned my back and stared at the fridge.

"No no no..! My meal is still in there! I'm just about to heat up my left over soup!!"

I walked towards the fridge, hold my breath, opened the fridge door and took a *tiny* sniff....


To my fear, I cleared out my stash and the leftover from the fridge. I opened and sniffed every bag and container. "Phew~" to my relieve, they were not as horrible as I thought, maybe the durian was just put into the fridge last night. After placing my leftover on the stove, I carefully packed everything with one or two extra layers of zipper bag, just to be safe, then put them back into the fridge, holding my breath.

Wait, there's no durian here in the fridge. I took another *tiny little* sniff.. Urgh, it was stinky but mild so it could be by products or something. 

Hmm.. But I didn't see any durian by product there. Which means... I looked up...

gasp guy meme

I opened the door of the top freezer. Uuuurrrggghhh... Great! Three packets of durian..! I'm so glad I didn't buy any ice cream recently. There was once when I was still in high school, my mom stored durians in the fridge, just the flesh with seeds. She knows my phobia of durian, so she put them in containers, covered with a layer or two cling wrap then placed the lids. We thought it was safe until a few days later, when I opened the brand new vanilla ice cream which was on the top shelf freezer.... It was turned into DURIAN ICE CREAM! Oh, did I mentioned that it was a 3-door fridge and the durians were at the bottom shelf?? And the smell stayed in the fridge for weeks and never leave the ice cream!! 

For now, I could only rant about it and wait until the durians are gone, then I'll stuff the fridge with charcoal, squeezed lemon, vinegar anything I could get.

Anyway, if you never have durian before, I would still recommend you to give it a try. I ate some myself when I was a child but started to hate it during teenage. More than 80% of people I know love it, maybe you'll find yourself loving it too but please, do me and everybody else a favor - no talking and do the nail polishing yourself 'cause your breath is going to stink BIG TIME and you can't get rid of the smell off your fingers for DAYS... Depends on how much you eat, though.

crying guy meme
By the way, here are the culprits. Imagine the smell that could escape from the container, cling wrap and the freaking fridge..! I actually risked my life by holding my breath for 5 seconds to take this shot.

durian in the freezer


  1. Love durian! My kids hate the smell. I am stopping by from the Etsy Success Team.